Sunday, December 23, 2012

It never...

It never seizes to amaze me how low some people will go. Had a great time yesterday, now it's ruined. Thanks a fucking lot. Some people really should be anally raped with a cactus. Or a pineapple.


  1. Oh dear Jani, please save us from those sickos in your previous post. All the best to you, merry Christmas!

  2. Yep, hope your Christmas will be the best ever! And don't quit this blog and abandon us because of those lower than human beings! :( you mean a lot for some of us here, many, I'm sure.

  3. Try and forget it ;) , no matter how much we try to avoid them there will always be an asshole behind the corner :P

  4. Don't pay attention to those assholes. You're a wonderful person and I trust you. I hope you will have a great Christmas. Greetings from Chile.

  5. Try a cactus wrapped in barbed wire. That is just perfect. Or there is always the shotgun...

  6. ok, it's getting boring, from time to time some moron web-troll come here and do some mess then dissapear. next Jani's reprimand and all over again.
    well, fuck him/her with blunt, hot poker!

    Jani, I think that you get into somebody's black books :)

    1. Agree with you. Trolls are everywhere. Don' t worry about them, Jani. Smile for us! We are here because we like your music and you in general. Trolls are the bad grass in a garden.

  7. There's a sentence in Dante's Comedy which says "Don't care about them, but look and pass over". Obviously this cannot apply for other people next to you, which ACTUALLY care, so that they can be affected by this kind of stuff. But if there's mutual trust and faith, all shall be healed.
    Have a nice holyday!

  8. Isn't there a way to block comments from Anon?

    Anyway, cheer up Jani, it's Jari Mäenpää's birthday today and I've been celebrating it hard :D

    I've made some "cheer up" videos on Youtube but I don't think You want to see them, an idiot dancing to O-zone song while wearing pink cowboy hat -,-

  9. What I will never understand is why people still waste their times writing shit in other people's blog. Ok, if someone don't like you and/or Timo why this person would sit in front of the computer, waste time typing?... I will never understand. Seriously. This kind of people are just waste of space.
    And Merry Christmas, Jani. Enjoy Kemi and your family...

  10. Heya once again J-li, i always comment on here as im a fan of your work and imo your a great guy,ignore some sickos on here that are obsessed with your personal life,i mean it their fucking weirdo's.
    Who would be obssesed over a famous guitar players personal life? i appreciate your work and your an inspiration to me a a person that is still learning the guitar for 8 years.
    In all sense man just ignore some creeps that post on here as its just lines of text,cheer the fuck up and have a vodka,rock on and party like theirs no tomorrow and merry xmass.hope you been good also otherwise Joulupukki wont bring you anything ^_^.
    From nathan.

  11. Remember the kind of people I was referring to some posts ago? Well, those anons from the last one are a very good example. Seriously, what the fuck did I just read?!?!?! *facepalm*

  12. If you're using the pineapple, remember to start by the crown.